NARS is a universal reasoning system, like a "universal Turing Machine" that can emulate any Turing Machine, and serves as a formal model of an intelligent system

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NARS is adaptive to its experience, and therefore is situated and embodied. Its beliefs summarize the system's experience (rather than describe the world as it is), Read more: Why NARS?

Pavol Durisek
durisekp at applied-nars.com

NARS (Non-Axiomatic Reasoning System) is a project aimed at the building of a general-purpose intelligent system, or a "thinking machine" that follows the same principles as the human mind, Read more: What is NARS?

This software is free to use and redistribute for any purposes. It is still in its alpha stage, so it might crash, hang or behave unexpectedly at any time.


  • NARS library 0.5.3

    • Fixed some issues with following equivalence theorems:

      (S1 × S2) → (P1 × P2) ⇔ (S1 → P1) ∧ (S2 → P2)
      (S1 × S2) ↔ (P1 × P2) ⇔ (S1 ↔ P1) ∧ (S2 ↔ P2)
    • Added generating sub-questions to first order syllogistic rules limited for the examples above:

      (x → P)
      (S → P)?
      // generated sub-question
      (S → x)?


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